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This page contains various links to sites I exchange links with. All the sites should be interesting for you as gamers.

If any of the links contain insulting, offending or just unrelated material let me know and they will be removed.

If you have a gaming related site or perhaps runs a online game and wish to exchange links let me know.


2006-03-12 Top 100 Game Sites (VOW)
Top 100 Game Sites (SfP)
Top 100 Game Sites (AF)
Top 100 Game Sites (GW)
Top 100 Game Sites (SC)
2004-02-27 Activegamer - game cheats and more
2003-12-30 Akin to Neopets, Fantasy Master Online is a rich online world of magic and adventure, where you can create a character and explore the intricate world of Veild. Play flash games to earn trophies, items, and gold. Explore the caves and dungeons of the land and take part in detailed turn based battle sequences through your browser and find mountains of treasure. Interact with friends by setting up a shop to sell items, giving items and gold to one another, or even going into battle together to face more fearsome foes than you could alone. Gain experience and levels and increase your characters class from a lowly peasant to a powerful Knight and beyond! The world of Veild is constantly changing and immerses you in a rich gaming environment no RPGer should be without.
2003-12-01 The Desert Realm - Scifi and Fantasy Search Engine, Newsletter, and Forum